Attention: Business Owners, Dealer Principals, Sales Directors, and Sales Managers

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I fling open my cupboard doors and show you the tips I’ve hand-picked to ease your transition to a Zoom ready showroom.


  • The 5 reasons why Zoom sales calls are essential in every dealership
  • How to impress the buyer by avoiding the 5 common Zoom mistakes that even professional sales people are still making - I wonder which ones your team might suffer with?
  • The importance of the commitment spine so you can secure the sale during the first Zoom call
  • How to position yourself as the natural (logical and emotional) choice for those prospects who prefer not to visit your showroom.
  • 4 brilliant tactics to deliver your Zoom sales presentation with all the clarity of the big screen
  • How to become industry-leading quicker and easier than you thought possible

Ideal for Business Owners, Dealer Principals, Sales Directors and Sales Managers

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Selling cars on Zoom is no longer just a trend. It’s a proven method of outselling your competition virtually as you win new business.

I’ll open the doors wide and show you how to avoid the costly (and time consuming) mistakes I made and how to unleash the power of selling cars on Zoom.

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