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Training seminars, virtual training and keynotes to empower your people to deliver sustainable business growth.

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"Absolutely the best training you’ll receive. I can’t rate them highly enough, 6 stars!"

Sean Booth
Managing Director, Parkway Volkswagen

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Empower your team. Lead your industry.

We’re your strategic learning partner, driving performance by moving skills forward.

"Nick trained my team at Corner Ford, Sandicliffe, Mapfre and Prospecting Dynamics and I have never seen anything other than a positive impact on my team and business results. He is a leader in his field and I have nothing but admiration for his ability and attitude at all times."

Nancy Rignall
Founder and Director, Prospecting Dynamics

Develop Talent. Develop Results.

Business owners, leaders and senior executives regularly ask…

“How do we engage, develop and retain our talent?”
“How can we ensure that any training programme delivers sustainable value?”
“Where can you add value to our current thinking and training?”

What's needed is a deep-rooted conviction to talent development which inspires personal growth, nurtures careers and positively impacts performance.

“We have worked with Nick and Profit Box for over a decade, training our sales and after sales colleagues on delivering high levels of customer experience and performance. The feedback from our colleagues is amazing and the enthusiasm that Nick has for training always shines through. We are extremely pleased to have Profit Box as our preferred training partner.”

Andrew Mallory
Chief Operating Officer, Vantage Motor Group

Change the Game

Profit Box helps your people perform better by:

  • 1

    Creating a safe learning environment where they feel comfortable exploring and developing their knowledge, attitude and skill.

  • 2

    Sharing tried, tested and proven ways to optimise personal and team performances.

  • 3

    Inspiring them to self-discover key behavioural shifts that will positively impact performance.

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"We have actively promoted Profit Box to our clients and have nothing but good feedback. The sales workshops have helped clients change small steps in their sales process to gain big results and recognise the true potential of their business."

Joel Combes
Sales & Marketing Director, Lawgistics

Welcome to Profit Box

As we work with business owners, leaders and senior executives who are facing overwhelming pressure to improve results, what we consistently see is they are great at the strategy and communication, however, don’t have the resource and tools to develop talent at an accelerated pace.

What most people don’t know is that talent development doesn’t have to be complicated, high risk or expensive. Once they integrate key development stages, the results can be remarkable.

What you are going to get is hi-impact learning interventions that deliver improved and sustainable results which generate a meaningful return on investment.

Empower your team. Lead your industry. We’re your strategic learning partner, driving performance by moving skills forward.

"I’ve worked with dozens of sales trainers over the past 20 years. By far the most inspirational, engaging, honest, respectful and productive is the wonderful Nick Horton. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the sales process is phenomenal. He has an exceptional rapport with his delegates and delivers his training in an interactive, practical and engaging way. I’ve seen clients use him time and time again as he adds so much value to the organisations he works with. I highly recommend you work with him."

Clare Samuels
Founder and Director, No ‘I’ in Clare

Discover your route to develop talent to a different destination

The 4 Stage Roadmap


Adopt a Stakeholder View of Your Goals & Vision

The process begins by consulting with you to bring clarity to the objectives of the programme, ensuring that the voice and tone align with your values and culture.

Design & Branding

Reach Beyond Generic Programmes

Creating bespoke content that dovetails with the programme objectives, optimises knowledge retention and delivers a compelling experience for your team.


Deploy an Impact Centric View of Your Event

Host learning events that engage, inspire and motivate the audience to a higher sense of value, confidence and ability.


Focus Creates Its Own Results

Measure and monitor effort and results through a focused lens in order to drive return on investment.

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Experience a Different Reality

Profit Box training seminars, virtual training and keynotes inspire positive impacts for your organisation and your people.

For Your Organisation

  • Creates a focused culture that fosters innovation, agility and optimism.
  • Increases capacity to adopt new technologies and methods.
  • Improves employee engagement and talent retention.
  • Creates highly visible competitor advantage.
  • Achieves sustainable performance improvements.
  • Delivers positive financial impact to the bottom line.

For Your People

  • Creates deeper satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • Inspires purpose and empowerment to bring meaning to their career.
  • Develops competency, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Optimises productivity by deploying new and improved skills.
  • Improves feeling of empowerment within the workplace.
  • Delivers improved and sustainable performance outputs.

Which Option Will Drive the Best Results For Your Organisation?

Training Seminars

High energy and interactive training seminars which enable your people to self-discover their personal development areas and the required behavioural changes in a safe and supportive environment. They will leave with action plans containing specific steps which create increased productivity and profitability.

Virtual Training

Engaging and inspiring training which deploys innovative virtual training solutions that enable onsite and remote learners to collaborate in live, instructor-led training. Deploying live Q&A, polls and breakout sessions, the virtual format will enable your people to access the tools they need to positively impact their personal performance.


Engaging and inspirational events which empower your people to think, feel and act differently. They will leave with key take-aways and actionable steps designed to inspire key behavioural changes and improved results.

Get free resources to start empowering your people to achieve sustainable business growth

10 videos containing actionable tools to help move the sales needle, covering…

Assuming the sale, telephone sales, the power of questions, asking for the order, objection handling, setting the negotiation tone, video production and more…

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