Absolutely the best training you’ll receive. I can’t rate them highly enough, 6 stars!

Sean Booth Managing Director, Parkway Volkswagen

Nick trained my team at Corner Ford, Sandicliffe, Mapfre and Prospecting Dynamics and I have never seen anything other than a positive impact on my team and business results. He is a leader in his field and I have nothing but admiration for his ability and attitude at all times.

Nancy Rignall Founder and Director, Prospecting Dynamics

We have actively promoted Profit Box to our clients and have nothing but good feedback. The sales workshops have helped clients change small steps in their sales process to gain big results and recognise the true potential of their business.

Joel Combes Sales & Marketing Director, Lawgistics

I’ve worked with dozens of sales trainers over the past 20 years. By far the most inspirational, engaging, honest, respectful and productive is the wonderful Nick Horton. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the sales process is phenomenal. He has an exceptional rapport with his delegates and delivers his training in an interactive, practical and engaging way. I’ve seen clients use him time and time again as he adds so much value to the organisations he works with. I highly recommend you work with him.

Clare Samuels Founder and Director, No ‘I’ in Clare

The most engaging and inspirational sales training I've experienced during my 21 years in car sales. I've attended several face to face seminars facilitated by Nick and always leave with new tools to deploy and clear actions to improve our business and my team. The most recent course was today, during lockdown, delivered over Zoom. My whole team were in attendance and every member found it useful and fun. I was concerned the virtual experience was going to diminish the impact of the course, but I needn't have worried. Nick has just given a masterclass in facilitation and training that was just as rewarding and effective as it's ever been in the old world. In addtion to Nick's expertise, Caroline, in the client support team, is always very helpful and supportive. I've attended or organised dozens of courses over the years and worked with some fantastic people, but without a doubt, Nick and his team at Profit Box are the best! If you want to develop your team for better more profitable outcomes, you need to contact these guys now.

Stephen Jay General Sales Manager, Parkway Volkswagen

The Profit Box aftersales training programmes have been a very worthy investment for Parkway Volkswagen. The technician and service advisor programmes have created a significant cultural shift which has led to recognition from the brand and two of our dealerships occupying 1st and 2nd place in the Volkswagen UK aftersales balance score card league table. We now see Profit Box as an extension of our team and confidently recommend them to dealer groups who are looking to maximise their aftersales potential.

Wayne Michael Group Aftersales Manager, Parkway Volkswagen

Nick ran a session for us recently at Trainer Talk Live. It was honestly one of the best sessions we've ever had in almost 10 years. Every freelance trainer's biggest challenge is how to market themselves and the holy grail is getting into big businesses. For many this seems unattainable. Nick showed us how it can be done through creative marketing strategies, building relationships and the willingness to go the extra mile. This was all delivered in such an entertaining way and engaging way that it left everyone fired up and ready to go and give it a try! Thankyou Nick, you're a brilliant trainer, presenter and a role model for us in the community.

Sharon Gaskin Founder and Director, The Trainers Training Company

I recognised that we had sizeable untapped profits within our organisation. I also knew that introducing a new concept into our operation was not going to be without its challenges. We introduced the suggestive selling skills several years ago and have seen progressive growth ever since. Very few service receptionists think of themselves as sales people and we had some internal challenges as we developed our new culture. I must say that the focus and effort has proved worthwhile as the suggestive selling system has delivered significant dividends to our business. Not only is the system now running on rails but it is generating £150,000 worth of sales each year on an almost auto-pilot function. I wholeheartedly recommend the suggestive selling principle to any organisation that is looking to upsell their way to incremental profits.

Neil Rudge Group Operations Director, Holdcroft Group

I can recommend Nick on many levels as somebody reliable, positive and determined to work with, but I'd like to focus here on recommending him as a public speaker on sales. I'm part of the Trainer Talk group for freelance trainers, and Nick gave a stirring, thought-provoking presentation to fifty or sixty of us at a recent event. Nick was fantastically high-energy and inspirational, and grounded the talk in his experiences and achievements to make it very real and practical. Everyone I spoke to about the talk was buzzing with ideas about how to implement the tactics Nick talked about in their own sales. He's clearly got some amazing results through clear thinking, creativity and sheer tenacity, and the way he shares them is unique and compelling and makes it easy for even non-salespeople to relate to and use.

Terry Pearce Founder and Lead Designer, 360 Learning Design

We launched the Profit Box Buying Facilitation System in January 2018. Quarter 1 became the strongest quarter performance in the history of our business with year on year sales increasing by 11% and unit profitability by 10%. Achieving such a result in a declining market is testimony to Nick’s knowledge, experience and training delivery style. If you are looking to develop the sales talent in your business, I highly recommend the products and services offered by Profit Box.

Mark Barrow Group Head of Retail Sales, Parkway Volkswagen

Nick is an amazing speaker- entertaining, informative and authentic. His talk made me feel that sales and marketing is not only achievable (for this non expert) but also personalised. I can use my talents and do it my way. His creative approach really resonated with me. His talk directly translated into actions for my business.

Emma Williams Director, EJW Solutions

Mapfre Abraxas have used the services of Nick Horton for many years and we have always been more than pleased with the training provided. Nick goes out of his way to ensure that the training is relevant to our business and meets our needs perfectly. The staff who have attended the workshops have always left highly motivated and many of the ideas suggested have been implemented with great success. The training itself is always well paced and interactive to ensure the delegates get maximum benefit.

Caroline Davies Training Manager, Mapfre Abraxas

I've seen many sales trainers in my career but most of them talk the theory. Nick is the only one I've seen who uses real examples from his career (names and pack drill) to explain and showcase the process and the results obtained. Well worth a listen to.

Colin Foster Managing Director, Universal Solutions 4 Business

Although we spent a significant amount of time with Profit Box preparing for the technician’s video training, I was apprehensive on the morning of the first event. However, my fears were allayed within minutes as Nick got a room full of technicians engaged and wanting to learn more. By the end of the day, our technicians were producing industry leading videos. We have subsequently received inspirational feedback from our customers and manufacturer partners. The quality of our videos has also contributed to an 18% increase in red work conversion. We are proud of the quality of videos we produce and wholeheartedly endorse the Profit Box system.

Dean Cooper Operations Director, Burrows Motor Company

If you want a sales trainer who focuses on practical advice, then Nick is the man. He's one of the few sales trainers who is willing to share really specific tips for improving sales, leaving you feeling that you can go away and get started immediately. It's easy to talk the talk, but Nick helps you to walk the walk too!

Sheridan Webb Founder, Keystone Development and Training

Since embarking on the use of Video1st, in both our workshops and sales environments, it became apparent that we needed to train everyone in how to get the best out of the new system, to give us a competitive edge against our competition and give confidence to the people creating the videos.

I have to say the quality of the training provided by Profit Box was excellent and the feedback from all who attended was extremely positive. The course material was spot on and tailored to our specific requirements in all aspects. Since the training the improvement in quality of videos being produced has been remarkable.

Sean Booth Managing Director, Parkway Volkswagen

I heard Nick speak at Trainer Talk Live. His presentation was excellent and left me with some great ideas around how to get in front of key decision makers. I highly recommend speaking to Nick if you need to get in front of that dream client.

Mark Terrell Founder, The Reluctant Leader Academy

I was lucky enough to be involved in some training with Nick when I was working in dealership. Without a shadow of a doubt this was one of the most influential training programmes I took part in and made myself and my team relook at the way we did things and how we proposed and sold additional work to customers. A lot of the workings I took away from the programme I still use today as they are extremely relevant. Nick delivers the training in a way that everyone is on board and keeps all delegates interested and involved. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Alex Pickup Aftersales Development Manager, Hyundai HMUK

Nick provided an insightful approach into successful sales techniques that demonstrate that these cannot fail if carried out correctly. The techniques are out of the box, grab your attention from the start and are far better than anything I have come across previously. The fact that the F&I summit was in awe listening to Nick shows how fascinating his techniques are.

Adam Meads Regional Account Manager, V12 Vehicle Finance

Nick is clearly very knowledgeable about sales and marketing. He understands how to propel a business forward and commands attention as a speaker, he certainly had us all listening! He is confident in his business and how to improve yours. Profit Box have very engaging ideas to market to your clients and it was the first time I'd heard anything of interest marketing wise after 8 years working within sales myself.

Cat Bernal Senior Consultant, Adam Butler Consultancy

I had the opportunity to meet and hear Nick speak at the 2019 F&I Summit in the UK presented by Andy Shuter. For those that have not heard Nick speak you should keep your eyes open for when he comes to a town near you. Great insight, knows his stuff for sure.

Paul Rosenthal Business Development Manager, Passtime GPS

The ADI Profit Revolution event enabled me to sell myself for what I am worth. Just brilliant! God I love you guys!

Mark Wardle Gears Forward

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